Features for the IR Department (Unlisted Company)

Features for the IR Department
(Unlisted Company)

IR Meeting Calendar

What is IR Meeting Calendar?

It is a system that allows you to easily arrange meetings with domestic and overseas institutional investors. All you need to do is set the available time slots on the Minsetsu and contact the institutional investor with the individual URL to access the calendar. Available times are updated in real time, allowing you to arrange meetings with multiple institutional investors at once.

Advantages of the IR Meeting Calendar

1. Simplified Meeting Arrangements

The time required to finalize a schedule can be reduced.

2. Create Opportunities to Meet with Institutional Investors

About 80% of registered companies have generated new meetings.

3. Integration with External Calendars

Sync with Google Calendar and Outlook

4. Meeting Notes

Refer to past meetings and create notes.

5. Prevent Double Booking

Prevents human error and reduces work-hours by arranging efficiently.

6. Selection of Institutional Investors to Publish Schedule

Focused approach to targeted institutional investors.

7. Create Multiple Calendars

Up to 20 calendar patterns can be created.

Minsetu Investor Database (MID)

What is Minsetsu Investor Database (MID)

You can access a database regarding domestic and foreign institutional investors. We provide the information necessary for IR operations, such as understanding the status of actual shareholders, investor analysis, and targeting, at the lowest price in the industry.

Features of the MID

Lowest Price in the Industry

The lowest prices in the industry is realized by specializing in the information necessary for IR operations.


Any data can be easily edited and be downloaded as PDF or Excel file format.

Accurate Data

Data is provided through an alliance with FactSet covering 120 countries, to provide the latest domestic and international investors fund data.


Information held is updated within one week after information is made available.

Advantages of the MID

1. Know the current status of the shareholders for your company
  • The ratios of institutional investors, insiders, ETFs, mutual funds, and others.
  • Check the positioning status of all the shareholdings by investors and funds
  • View the changes over time, i.e. from the past to the most recent period
2. Check information on investors
  • Confirm the status of holdings (number of holdings, time of acquisition, and profit/loss)
  • Check profile information (investment style, assets under management, whether the investor is an activist or not)
  • Confirm holdings stocks (country, sector, size, etc.)
3. Reach out to new investors
  • Check the status of shareholders for the other companies in the same industry, i.e. find out which investors own the shares of the other companies.
  • Check the time-series changes of institutional investors, i.e. changes in shareholdings for companies similar to your company in terms of country, sector, size, etc.

Online Briefing Support

What is Online Briefing Support?

We provide total support from the first Zoom webinar. We can also support real-time and hybrid sessions.

Process of Online Briefing Support

Webinar Preparation
We issue the webinar URL and create a questionnaire. We also provide a lecture on how to operate the Zoom webinar.
Institutional Investor Relations
We will send out an e-mail to our own approach list of institutional investors.
We will conduct a rehearsal in the same format as the actual event. Please prepare slide materials to be used at the financial results briefing.
Briefing Session
After the briefing, we will provide the participants’ questionnaire responses, a list of participants, and the record of the Q&A session.

Advantages of Getting Online Briefing Support

1. Generous Support from Our Teams

2. Lowest Price in the Industry

3. Tutorials on Zoom Webinars
4. Invite Institutional Investors to Attend the Briefing

5. Rehersals Similar to the Actual Event

6. Share Participant List and Questionnaire