AI Policy

Minsetsu, Inc. is dedicated to promoting digital transformation in the securities industry and providing innovative services for institutional investors, securities firms, and listed companies’ IR. Recognizing that the use of AI technology is essential to achieve this mission, we understand that responsible behavior and ethical judgment are required when utilizing AI. We hereby establish the following basic policy for the development and operation of our AI applications.

  1. Purpose of AI Utilization
    We aim to achieve the following objectives through the use of AI:
    • More efficient service provision
    • More comprehensive data collection
    • Faster decision-making support
    • Realization of better customer experiences
  2. Enhancement of Fairness and Justice
    In the development and operation of AI systems, we emphasize diversity. We strive to ensure fairness to prevent unfair treatment based on specific attributes or individuals. We also aim for fairness in AI by ensuring that it does not learn inappropriate biases or produce biased outcomes from its utilization, through data source verification, algorithm evaluation, and output confirmation.
  3. Privacy Protection and Security
    We endeavor to achieve privacy protection in the development and operation of AI, following internal regulations, relevant laws, social ethics, etc., to appropriately manage and operate data, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure security.
  4. Principles of Education and Literacy
    We strive for appropriate service development by collecting information on the advancement of AI technology, its impact on society, and its challenges. Furthermore, we will cultivate personnel with the correct understanding of AI and the ethical knowledge to use it appropriately in service planning, development, and provision over the long term.
  5. Improvement and Evolution
    We will review and improve this policy as necessary in response to the use of AI and the advancement of technology.

Established on March 25, 2024