Q&A for Corporates

Q&A for Corporates

IR Meeting Calendar

Is it possible to limit the period of meeting or set the maximum number of slots per day?

Both are possible. You can also flexibly organize a schedule for a wide variety of meeting requests as you are allowed to create multiple calendars.

Are there any institutional investors or securities companies that are not allowed to use the IR meeting calendar?

Most domestic and international institutional investors and major Japanese securities companies use our service.
Institutional investors and securities companies can also check available time slots more efficiently than individually check by email, making the arrangement process easier.
However, some securities companies may not be able to use this service due to their own security limitations.

Is it possible to publish the meeting calendar to specific institutional investors or securities companies?

Yes, it is possible to create an IR meeting calendar for specific institutional investors and securities companies.
You can create up to 20 calendars.

Minsetsu Investor Database

Where is the data collected from?

We provide investor data through our alliance with FactSet, which covers 120 countries worldwide.

What can I do with the Minsetsu Investor Database?

You can check your company’s stock holdings and past holdings. You can analyze and target investors, especially international investors.

Online Briefing Support

Do you support events other than briefing events or investor day?

Yes, we do. In addition to financial results briefings, we can support various online events such mid-term management plans, ESG reports, and etc.

How is your network/internet connection? Should we be concerned about network issues?

By operating with multiple lines, we are able to provide an environment that allows Minsetsu to follow up in the event of communication problems. In the past, no briefings have been canceled due to communication problems.